Function: add_settings_field

add_settings_field( string $id, string $title, callable $callback, string $page, string $section, array $args )

Add a new field to a section of a settings page.

Shortcut: asf

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Part of the Settings API. Use this to define a settings field that will show as part of a settings section inside a settings page. The fields are shown using do_settings_fields() in do_settings-sections()

The $callback argument should be the name of a function that echoes out the html input tags for this setting field. Use get_option() to retrieve existing values to show.


Name Type(s) Default Value Description
$id string

Slug-name to identify the field. Used in the 'id' attribute of tags.

$title string

Formatted title of the field. Shown as the label for the field during output.

$callback callable

Function that fills the field with the desired form inputs. The function should echo its output.

$page string

The slug-name of the settings page on which to show the section (general, reading, writing, ...).

$section string 'default'

Optional. The slug-name of the section of the settings page in which to show the box. Default 'default'.

$args array array()

{ Optional. Extra arguments used when outputting the field.

@type string $label_for When supplied, the setting title will be wrapped
                        in a `<label>` element, its `for` attribute populated
                        with this value.
@type string $class     CSS Class to be added to the `<tr>` element when the
                        field is output.


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